4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Branding Your Ecommerce Business

Now is the best time for you if your ecommerce business has not able to achieve the targeted marketing rate on the Instagram. Being a photo-based platform, it has grown very rapidly in past few years as a social network, as per the research done by Pew Center.

Almost half of its total users sign in every day while 53% of these users are adults with the ages of 18 to 29.

As you reach to the web page of your Instagram account, you can link it with all other social network accounts, email ids or other online platforms. Instagram has got the unique badges for this feature which you can get as you sign into your account. These badges generate the HTML links automatically on your account page, making it possible to catch the followers from various social media networks.

Instagram Marketing Tips

There have been many online pieces of advice available regarding the usage of this platform in term of marketing, however, for those who have just entered in the field of e-commerce business and are new to this platform, a long list of tips may be hectic to go through.

If you have connected your ecommerce business which you run, with the Instagram and searching for the genuine set of guidelines, here is the help you needed. Following are the top four tips which you can adopt for achieving the best marketing of your e-commerce business by simple photo sharing app.

1. Play with the photos:

Of course, when you make an account on Instagram, your main focus will be on sharing the photos on your account. Here what you can do is to kick off the old ways of posting photos and experiment some new ways.

Never put much pressure on this process. It is not possible to put the perfect photos at the first time, and the starting shots can help you to get yourself comfortable with the platform, to get to know the filters, captions and other features.

Probably, you can post the first picture of your friends of everyone laughing, while putting the caption saying that “we are super excited to be on the Insta!” or you can make and post the customized graphics describing your entry to the platform, but you will require to put them on your phone and also follow the instructions on Instagram about uploading the media for marketing of your product.

2. Cross post the photos:

As you have started posting your photos on Instagram along with the relevant hashtags, you may wonder that now you just have to sit back and wait for people to look into your account. Unluckily, you are not done yet. You need to get more customers to follow your brand.

The best method of attracting the potential customers to your ecommerce business on this social network is to make them aware of the brand you launched and show them various types of content you have made for them by cross posting the photos from different social media networks.

3. Start following the users, accounts or fans of same interest:

As you have started sharing few of the photos, create the relevant hashtags, and prepare the plans for distributing the content across the social networks for growing your marketing and make the potential audience aware of your brand.

Even if your marketing campaign is successful on Instagram or not, the social media tools rely on the way you try to engage with your followers.

Staring at a screen while waiting for the customers will be of no use unless you get active and gather followers for yourself. There are various tools like Vibbi which are available online that can help you in buying Instagram likes and followers for expanding the growth of your business.

4. Make the links leading to your brands:

As you post images, use hashtags and caption, you will start getting followers. But that’s not enough; you need to include the link of the site to your brand or store along with your posts.

As mentioned above, you can make use of the social media in an excellent way for the marketing of your business. It is fun and the most viable way of carrying out the effortless marketing for many reasons. Unless you have defined your goals in mind already before starting to imply your strategy on Instagram.

Wrap up:

For detailed guide and tips, you can get many online sites and various exciting tricks for making your marketing strategy successful in order to expand your ecommerce business. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips regarding the photo-based social media platform of Instagram will help you in paving the path towards the successful marketing leading to the wonderful and strong e-commerce business.

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