Admin CSS MU – Load an Admin Side CSS For Customizing WP-Admin

Admin CSS MUI had written on how to load CSS on the admin side before. This involved adding the load function into the functions.php of the theme.

Recently a need arose where the CSS had to be loaded irrespective of the theme being used, on a multisite network. So the function took shape as a plugin and I have my first WordPress plugin up in the extend.

Admin CSS MU

Admin CSS MU simply loads a CSS file. All your custom CSS can go into that file. I think the best use case for the plugin would be as a mu plugin, since it wouldn’t probably need an update ever (and hence the MU in the name).

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The Menace With Categories I Made When I Started With WordPress

Technically, this blog right here is my second though I would like to consider it as a continuation of the Blogger one. Back in 2008 I was no WordPress expert guy. I was merely someone who looked up stuff on the internet because I couldn’t think of anything more fun to do, and of course eventually blogged about it.

Then I met WordPress and she completely changed my life forever. It got fascinated by how you could add bits and pieces of code and see her do things to me which I never knew was possible. I wanted this blog to be my home for everything I had an interest in.

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Make Your Theme WordPress 3.4 (Theme Customizer) Compatible

WordPress 3.4 GreenWordPress 3.4 is here and its time to checkout whats new in the box. Three features stand out – The Theme Customizer, Twitter Embed and HTML Support for Image Captions. (Yeah yeah, the stuff that they show on the Welcome page ;)

The default themes, Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven are also updated to support the Theme Customizer, but you aren’t using the default theme, are you? But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the feature, here is how you can make the most of it.

Adding Theme Customizer Support For Your Theme

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Best Free Addon To Capture And Share Browser Screenshots

The Need was simple. I wanted a solution to share screenshots as fast as I could. When I moved on the Windows 7 earlier this year (yeah yeah, am a century behind everyone), it came with the snipping tool and it is good.

But not good enough. It couldn’t annotate, plus you needed to find a place to upload it. I use twitpic to upload and share photos, but the I have to bother about which photos are private and which are not.

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How to: Change WordPress Password When You Can’t Access WP-Admin

Sometimes when you are dealing with a WordPress installation, where you can’t access the wp-admin, but have access to the cpanel, here is what you do to log In.

Think of times when another admin locks you out, changes the admin email and takes away. Or times when your client cannot remember what email she gave during sign-up and now can’t remember the password as well. Or when you are on a local host and its impossible to reset the password.

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