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4 Steps to Understanding Not-So-Understandable Technology

If you are in this sticky jam now, there are steps that you can take to learn it without pulling your hair out. Take a look at just how easy it could be to learn technology that you’re absolutely clueless about:

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Beginners Guide before Starting a Blog

For the sake of statistics, only one to two percent of the bloggers succeed in generating truly passive income. The rest 98% to 99% bloggers who attempt to generate any serious side income from their blog fail. The barrier to enter a blog-o-sphere is very low…

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Twitter Quick Start Guide

What is Twitter?, How to Update on Twitter?, How to get Followers in Twitter? The answers for these questions and some basic twitter guidelines are explained here.

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Best Posts of 2008

Million Clues! was re-launched in the present form on September 3rd with the Hello World Post. Right from that time, I have posted many posts and here are the best of them.

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Sticky Posts in WordPress

Sticky posts are those posts that actually stick to the home page. Usually when new posts are added the older ones are taken down automatically, but not with sticky posts. A post once made sticky will stick to the top of the posts, i.e. it will be the first post no matter how many posts are posted after that.

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