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The Cost of Opportunity

Being the fist gave them the opportunity to learn stuffs and master them before the rest even noticed them. By the time people started making money online, and Blogging, they were the Guru’s and the masses had only one option – to follow them. Why do Bloggers rush to pull out updates of the latest from the web?

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5 Cool Things to Do with Bing

After playing around with Bing, I felt that Bing is a bit more intelligent than Google. Though the search results are pretty much comparable, so much thought has been put into the presentation and navigation. Besides the basic Search, Bing comes with some great features. Here are some cool stuffs worth trying out.

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Guest Blogging Gives you What Google Doesn’t

Building a Brand of your own and gaining authority must be the ultimate aim of every blogger. Revenue and readers will definitely follow. But, branding yourself is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and lots of hard work. Let’s see how Guest Blogging can help you in Branding…

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Getting Quality Backlinks without Link Exchanges

Asking someone is not a bad idea, only a crying baby gets the milk. Even God, who knows all our needs doesn’t deliver any of them until we ask. “Ask and thou shall receive”. But the bitter side is that a link in the form of a link exchange won’t bring you any traffic…

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Greet First Time Commentators without a Plugin

Usually, when a comment is held for moderation, you get the message ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’. Well, this doesn’t help us much; some may not even understand what that mean. The idea is to edit that default message and display a friendly hello message as above.

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